yesterday’s tomorrow is a post-critical platform collectively rethinking design h*stories, design education and power structures.

yesterday’s tomorrow/symposium invites future thinkers in the fields of art, design, typography and education facilitating the elementary necessity to talk about how to politicise, depatriarchise, create, intersectionalise, queer, decolonise, transform, rethink and empower within graphic communication design practices.

yesterday’s tomorrow/publishing is a platform for reflection and debate. Through essays, conversations and interviews, contributors engage past, present, and recurring themes in art and design culture. Lectures, text – and audio-based essays were contributed in response to ‘a design manifesto from a transformative feminist perspective’ which was written by karolina krupickova for her final project, completing the postgraduate programme of Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

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